Mark O’Brien To Play Legendary Hockey Player In ‘Goalie’

Terry Sawchuk Mark O'Brien

EXCLUSIVE: Mark O’Brien (Halt and Catch Fire) will portray legendary NHL goaltender Terry Sawchuk in the biopic feature, Goalie, from Blue Ice Pictures. Adriana Maggs is directing the indie based on the Night Work poem by Randall Maggs and Sawchuk: The Troubles and Triumphs of the World’s Greatest Goalie by David Dupuis.

Born in Winnipeg, Canada, Sawchuk played 21 seasons in the National Hockey League for various teams like the Toronto Maple Leafs, Los Angeles Kings, Detroit Red Wings, and the New York Rangers between 1950 and 1970. The father of seven, who was believed to have been struggling with depression, was haunted by the void left from his childhood which he tried to fill with cheering crowds. He died at 40 from a pulmonary embolism.

Maggs wrote the screenplay with Jane Maggs. Daniel Iron and Lance Samuels are producing the pic with Neil Tabatznik and Mark O’Brien serving as executive producers.

O’Brien, who next appears in  Jason Reitman’s The Front Runner,  and the untitled Noah Baumbach project, is repped by Thruline Entertainment, Don Buchwald & Associates, The Characters Talent Agency and Lichter Grossman Nichols Adler & Feldman.

Mark O’Brien To Play Legendary Hockey Player In ‘Goalie’

Mark O’Brien To Play Legendary Hockey Player In ‘Goalie’

Jean Reno Joins ‘Stranger Things’ Star Noah Schnapp And Anjelica Huston In ‘Waiting For Anya’

Mark Mann

Jean Reno (Leon: The Professional) is joining Stranger Things star Noah Schnappand Anjelica Huston in World War II drama Waiting For Anya, which is now underway in France. Also new to the Goldfinch Studios project are actors Frederick Schmidt (Taboo), Josephine De La Baum (Madame) and Sadie Frost (Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie).

The film was launched at the recent EFM by L.A.-based 13 Sales. Deals closed there with Pan Asia (Fox Networks Group Asia), Middle East (Eagle Films), Greece (Tanweer), Portugal (NOS Lusomundo), and Spain, Eastern Europe, Turkey & India (SPI). Schnapp will play a young shepherd, Jo, in the film alongside Huston’s widow Horcada. The movie is an adaptation of the book by War Horse author Michael Morpurgo. Set in Lescun, southern France, it follows Jo’s involvement in smuggling Jewish children across the border into Spain. The Pianist star Thomas Kretschmann, Elsa Zylbertsein (I’ve Loved You So Long) and Tomas Lemarquis (X-Men: Apocalypse) also feature.

Directed by Ben Cookson, director of Emily Atack and Philip McGinley’s Almost Married, the film is written by Morpurgo, who first published the book in 1990, and Toby Torlesse. The movie is produced by Phin Glynn for Bad Penny Productions and Alan Latham for Goldfinch Studios. Executive producers are Kirsty Bell, Victor Glynn, Geoffrey Iles and co-producer is Daz Spencer-Lovesey. 13 Films is also an exec producer.

Jean Reno Joins ‘Stranger Things’ Star Noah Schnapp And Anjelica Huston In ‘Waiting For Anya’

In ‘The Forgiven,’ Desmond Tutu faces off with a white separatist

Peter Rainer Film critic

The film’s strength lies in the dialogue between the characters, portrayed by Forest Whitaker and Eric Bana.

Courtesy of Saban Films

An intermittently powerful drama loosely derived from real events, Roland Joffé’s “The Forgiven” takes place in newly post-apartheid South Africa and is based on a play by Michael Ashton called “The Archbishop and the Antichrist.”

The archbishop is Desmond Tutu (Forest Whitaker), who was chair of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC), which sought to investigate the brutal politically inspired abuses committed during the apartheid years. The perpetrator must confess to the crime. Forgiveness for the crime is sometimes paired with legal amnesty from prosecution. Restitution could be made to the victims of the crime.

The antichrist is Piet Blomfeld (Eric Bana), an unregenerate white separatist with a history of apartheid-era violence who is doing major time in Pollsmoor Prison. In an attempt to avail himself of the TRC, he writes a letter to Tutu riddled with references to Plato and Milton, figuring this will get the archbishop’s attention. It does, and soon a meeting between the two is arranged in prison.

Their dialogue over several meetings is the intense core of the conflict in “The Forgiven” and by far its strongest aspect. It’s clear in these scenes that we are watching a filmed play. It’s also clear that none of that matters. Joffé understands that, if what we are watching is indeed worth watching, the best way to be “cinematic” is often to simply fix the camera on the protagonists without a lot of fancy folderol.

In their first meeting, Tutu, who has already been shown to be a preternaturally patient man of faith, is confronted by a man who grinningly hurls racial epithets at him and scoffs at the archbishop’s attempts to salvage his soul. Tutu believes that no man is beyond redemption. Blomfeld, his eyes sparked with hate, believes he has done nothing for which he should be redeemed.

Tutu’s associates had warned him away from Blomfeld, but he persists, despite being shadowed by private misgivings that the convict is beyond reach. The reason the serial encounters between these two men hit home is because Blomfeld’s inevitable change of heart is presented with a fine degree of complexity. He doesn’t change overnight; in many respects, he changes hardly at all. But as the film progresses, it unfolds a back story to his racism that, while not condoning his actions, at least supports the notion that he is capable of salvation.

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Forest Whitaker’s Archbishop Tutu faces off against Eric Bana’s convict in The Forgiven trailer

CLARK COLLIS February 21, 2018 AT 12:00 PM EST

Almost two decades after Eric Bana turned in a career-making performance playing much-jailed criminal Mark Read in Chopper, the Australian actor once again finds himself behind bars in The Forgiven. Directed by Roland Joffé (The Killing Fields) and based on a play by Michael Ashton, the film stars Forest Whitaker as the real-life figure of South African activist Archbishop Desmond Tutu who is summoned to a maximum-security prison by a notorious murderer seeking clemency (Bana) and is drawn into a dangerous, life-changing battle with the criminal.

The Forgiven is released in cinemas in Los Angeles and New York, March 9. The film’s theatrical release will expand from March 16 and the movie will also be available to watch on VOD and digital HD from that date.

Exclusively watch the trailer for The Forgiven, above.

‘Stranger Things’ Noah Schnapp and Anjelica Huston To Star In WWII Drama ‘Waiting For Anya’

Stranger Things star Noah Schnapp and Anjelica Huston will star in World War II drama Waiting For Anya for Goldfinch Studios.

Schnapp will play a young shepherd, Jo, in the film alongside Huston’s widow Horcada in the adaptation of the book by War Horse author Michael Morpurgo. The film is set in Lescun, southern France, and follows Jo’s involvement in smuggling Jewish children across the border into Spain. The Pianist star Thomas Kretschmann, Elsa Zylbertsein (I’ve Loved You So Long) and Tomas Lemarquis (X-Men: Apocalypse) also feature.

Directed by Ben Cookson, director of Emily Atack and Philip McGinley’s Almost Married, the film is written by Morpurgo, who first published the book in 1990, and Toby Torlesse.

The movie is produced by Phin Glynn for Bad Penny Productions and Alan Latham for Goldfinch Studios. Executive producers are Kirsty Bell, Victor Glynn, Geoffrey Iles and the film is co-produced by Daz Spencer-Lovesey. Shooting will commence later this year on location in France.

Goldfinch Studios is launching the movie at EFM in Berlin this with, while LA-based 13 Films is handling global sales. Elsewhere, on Goldfinch’s EFM slate is Sometime, Always, Never, starring Bill Nighy, Sam Riley and Jenny Agutter.

“Whilst you are writing your story, it becomes precious to you. When someone creates a play or a film from your story, what you care about most is that it means as much to them; that they catch the spirit of it, that they grow the story with integrity and love and skill, and do it their own way, in their own voice. I have no doubt that the team making the film of Waiting For Anya will do all that and more. I wish them all, actors, crew, writers and producers and director, all the success they deserve,” said Morpurgo.

Schnapp is represented by Untitled Entertainment, CAA and McKuin, Frankel, Whitehead.

‘Stranger Things’ Noah Schnapp and Anjelica Huston To Star In WWII Drama ‘Waiting For Anya’

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James Caan, Danny Glover to star in ‘Bang Bang’

James Caan, Danny Glover to star in ‘Bang Bang’

efm 2017 credit lia darjes


James Caan and Danny Glover are set to star in Brendan Walsh’s drama Bang Bang, which 13 Films represents for sales at the EFM in Berlin.

The film follows a former boxing champion as he returns home to Detroit to deal with unfinished business. ICM Partners handles US rights.

Will Janowitz wrote the screenplay and Bradley Ross, Mary Jane Skalski, and Damon Lane are producing. Ed Pressman, Jon Katz, Gabi Rosenzvit, and Tannaz Anisi and Greg Schenz from 13 Films serve as executive producers.

“We are so excited to work with 13 Films to bring Bang Bang to the world,” Walsh said. “The film’s deep-seated characters will pop against the backdrop to Detroit.

“To watch an acting titan like James Caan navigate the streets of Detroit fuelled by vengeance against his more than formidable adversary played by Danny Glover will be the main event not to miss.”

Kathy Bates Joins Robert Graves Biopic ‘The Laureate’

John Russo/Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.
Kathy Bates

The drama about British poet and novelist Robert Graves also stars Tom Hughes, Dianna Agron and Laura Haddock.

Kathy Bates has joined The Laureate, a drama about British poet and novelist Robert Graves from writer/director William Nunez.

The film about Graves’ first marriage amid an affair with his muse, American poet Laura Riding, will see Bates play Amy Graves, the meddling mother. Bates’ recent movie credits include Participant Media’s Ruth Bader Ginsburg biopic, On the Basis of Sex.

The ensemble cast includes Tom Hughes as Robert Graves, Dianna Agron playing Laura Riding and Laura Haddock as Nancy Nicholson, Grave’s first wife.

Nunez’ production shingle, Northend Pictures, is producing the film, alongside Ireland’s Subotica Entertainment.

“I am looking forward to working with the great cast assembled, as well as the Subotica and 13 Films teams. Robert has such a controversial and fascinating life that will resonate with audiences worldwide,” Nunez said in a statement.

Tristan Lynch, Nunez and and Aoife O’Sullivan share the producer credits, while Tannaz Anisi and Greg Schenz executive produce. Bates is represented by ICM.

EVANESCENCE’s AMY LEE Wins ‘Hollywood Music And Media Award’ For ‘Speak To Me’ From Film ‘Voice From The Stone’

EVANESCENCE's AMY LEE Wins 'Hollywood Music And Media Award' For 'Speak To Me' From Film 'Voice From The Stone'

Amy Lee of the group EVANESCENCE won the Hollywood Music And Media Award for “Best Original Song – Independent Film” for the track “Speak To Me” from the film “Voice From The Stone” (starring Emilia Clarke). The song was written by Lee and Michael Wandmacher.

The Hollywood Music And Media Awards (HMMA) ceremony — which took place Thursday night, November 16 at The Avalon in Hollywood — honors music in all visual media (film, TV, videogames, commercials and trailers). HMMA awards are selected by an advisory board and which includes journalists, music executives, music-media industry professionals comprised of the Society of Composers and Lyricists (SCL), the Television Academy, the AMPAS Music Branch, NARAS and performing rights organizations. The awards are historically representative of the music nominees in key awards shows that occur months later.

“I’m so honored and so proud!” says Amy Lee. “The experience of making this song was so special; it was surreal being let into the creative process of a film I loved so much.”

“As an artist, I look for opportunities that are musically challenging and push creative boundaries in pursuit of something wonderful,” adds co-writer Michael Wandmacher‘Speak To Me’ is the result of such an experience. Working with Amy on this song was a privilege and career highlight. I’m thrilled that people are enjoying it.”

“Voice From The Stone” a haunting thriller, set in 1950s Tuscany, tells the story of Verena (“Game Of Thrones” star Emilia Clarke), a determined young nurse hired to help a young mute boy, who she realizes has fallen under the spell of a powerful and otherworldly persona trapped in the stone walls of the isolated castle in which he lives. Directed by Eric Howell, Lee was moved by the film and inspired to write “Speak To Me” after watching the story which depicts the strong bond between a mother and her son and the belief that love is stronger than death. Lee recorded the song at Skywalker Ranch and shot the official video on the film set in Tuscany, Italy.

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Karl Urban, Ashley Greene to Star in Action-Adventure ‘Snowblind’


Karl UrbanAshley Greene, and Forrest Goodluck will star in the action-adventure “Snowblind.”

Marcus Alqueres (“The Flying Man”) will direct “Snowblind.” The film is developed by the Coalition Group’s Johnny Wunder and Luisa Iskin, who join Traveling Picture Show Company’s Carissa Buffel, Kevin Matusow, and Steve Prince in producing the film under their newly formed alliance, and alongside Ground Control’s Scott Glassgold.

13 Films will introduce the pic to international buyers at the American Film Market, which opens on Nov. 1. UTA is representing the U.S. rights.

Hank Woon adapted the script from Don Roff’s novel of the same name. “Snowblind” follows the story of a U.S. Ranger haunted by painful memories of a family tragedy, who becomes stranded with his platoon in a remote chalet in the woods. As they fight for survival and against their own inner demons, they are torn apart by a discovery they make — a box filled with $5 million in cash and a dark, disturbing secret.

Alqueres worked on the visual effects of “300,” “Source Code,” “Rise of the Planet of the Apes,” and “The Adventures of Tintin” He directed, produced, and edited the sci-fi short “The Flying Man,” which was acquired by Sony Pictures.

Urban can next be seen in Disney-Marvel Entertainment’s “Thor: Ragnarok” and is currently in post-production on “Bent,” starring Sofia Vergara and Andy Garcia. Greene is best known for portraying Alice Cullen in the “Twilight” franchise, and stars in “Antiquities” and “Accident Man.” Goodluck is best known for Alejandro González Iñárritu’s “The Revenant,” starring Leonardo DiCaprio, and recently wrapped production on “The Miseducation of Cameron Post,” starring Chloë Grace Moretz.

The Traveling Picture Show Company produced Osgood Perkin’s “The Blackcoat’s Daughter,” released by A24, and Universal’s “A Walk Among The Tombstones,” starring Liam Neeson.

Alqueres is represented by UTA and Ground Control. Urban is repped by UTA, and Johnson and Laird Management. Greene is represented by CAA and Management 360. Goodluck is repped by The Gersh Agency and Principato-Young Entertainment.

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George Gallo’s Bodybuilding Pic ‘Bigger’ Finds Its Young Arnold Schwarzenegger

by Anthony D’Alessandro
October 16, 2017 11:38am

EXCLUSIVE: George Gallo’s movie Bigger about Joe and Ben Weider, the founders of the Mr. Olympia bodybuilding contest, has tapped Mr. Universe 2014 Calum Von Moger to play Arnold Schwarzenegger onscreen. The brothers, who co-founded the International Federation of Bodybuidling, discovered Schwarzenegger and encouraged him to come to the U.S. Prior to being a blockbuster action star and Governor of California, Schwarzenegger was a seven-time Mr. Olympia-title holder. Back in 1972, the Weider brothers sold a nutritional supplement, Weider Formula No. 7, that featured a young Arnold Schwarzenegger on the label.

Also joining the cast of Bigger, which is currently shooting in Alabama, are Robert Forster, Tom Arnold, Max Martini, DJ Qualls, and Steve Guttenberg. Previously announced, Tyler Hoechlin plays Joe Weider, Dunkirk‘s Aneurin Barnard plays brother Ben, Kevin Durand is the brothers’ nemesis, fitness magazine publisher Bill Hauk, Julianne Hough plays Joe’s first lady of fitness wife Betty, Victoria Justice is Joe’s first wife while Colton Haynes will play Jack LaLanne.

With the latest round of casting, Guttenberg plays Louis Weider, Joe’s father. Forster plays the older version of Joe Weider. Tom Arnold portrays Roy Hawkins, the publisher who gave Joe Weider distribution on his first real magazine. Martini is Jerry George, the sidekick to Bill Hauk. Qualls will play Mike Steere, the journalist who co-wrote the Weider brothers’ book Brothers of Iron: Building the Weider Empire.

Steve Lee Jones, Bee Holder Productions, is producing with Scott LaStaiti. Executive producing are Eric Weider and Camila Castro, Bee Holder Productions. Bigger was written by Brad and Ellen Furman, Andy Weiss and Gallo.

Von Moger is repped by Vladar.

George Gallo’s Bodybuilding Pic ‘Bigger’ Finds Its Young Arnold Schwarzenegger