Thriller / Horror


Director: Marcus Alqueres (Sony’s upcoming The Flying Man)

Cast: Karl Urban (Dredd, Star Trek film series, Thor: Ragnarok), Ashley Greene (The Twilight Saga, Wish I was Here), and Forrest Goodluck (The Revenant, The Miseducation of Cameron)

Producers: Carissa Buffel (A Walk Among the Tombstones, The Quiet Ones), Kevin Matusow (The Quiet Ones, The Blackcoat’s Daughter), and John Wunder (Huntsville)

A US Ranger, haunted by painful memories of a family tragedy, is stranded with his platoon in a remote chalet in the woods. As they fight for survival and against their own inner demons they are torn apart by a discovery they make – a box filled with five million dollars in cash and a dark, disturbing secret.